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Infrastructure & Network

Establish an ecosystem that is perfectly aligned with with the needs of end-users



For customers and users, Infrastructure & Network activities are the submerged part of the IT iceberg; the part that cannot be seen but which forms the crucial basis for supporting the entire ecosystem that they use on a daily basis. What do our teams offer end users? Directly nothing, indirectly everything.

Our engineers’ field of action is information systems on the one hand and all telecommunications networks (mobile phones, computer networks, internet) on the other. We prepare the ground for our colleagues, functional analysts, developers, solution owners, to set up an ecosystem that is perfectly suited to the needs of the end users.

Our role is to optimise information systems through the development of IT infrastructure - datacentres, clouds, physical and virtual machines - by providing applications based on web and network technologies, which we have previously tested and which we must update regularly.

We also work on interface projects between the different IT systems in our organisation. And of course, we are responsible for system maintenance. We manage the contracts with our support providers, handle licence renewals and continuously monitor the machines and network components. And we deal with any malfunctions as a matter of urgency.

In other words, we ensure that all technical services are operational so that applications can run and all our colleagues can access the internet, their emails, meeting applications, documents, back-up ... from a machine at their workplace or at home.

While our experts are primarily excellent technicians in their field, they are also tirelessly curious about technology. This desire to learn and test new hardware and software solutions serves our duty to ensure that the infrastructure and network evolve over time in line with new tools or new needs expressed by users.