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The IT master plan

The IT master plan: milestones and structuring principles for the city's new IT


It is in the service of these 4 founding principles that digital and digital transformation actions are carried out:




  • A city that focuses entirely on the needs of its citizens, to whom it wishes to offer unique access to its range of products and services. 
  • A strong digital ambition, which includes analysing and automating all processes in order to make a rapid transition to a fully digital operation.
  • A new conceptual model that puts the citizen at the centre of the relationship.
  • This conceptual model is supported by an architecture consisting of different layers: the organisational layer, which concerns the business processes of the city in its interactions with the citizen, the logical layer, which contains the necessary IT functionalities, and the physical layer which consists of the infrastructure. 

In this context, our mission at i-CITY is to deliver stable, efficient, innovative, scalable and secure information and communication services in order to guarantee agents and citizens a new way of connecting, supported by contemporary digital technologies. In short, to give them a satisfactory digital experience.