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The digital experience

The User Experience central to our mission




Supporting quality digital practice, not only for citizens but also for agents and employees, through the implementation of the most appropriate digital technologies; this sums up the commitment of our teams to the vision of our users.

The City and, with it, its non-profit organisations and the Public Education Department, are convinced that interactions with both citizens and their agents and employees is an essential key to the success of their mission. On the one hand, their diversity: offering everyone the opportunity to satisfy their needs and expectations through various channels, depending on their choice and possibilities. On the other hand, their quality: whatever the choice, ensuring that the experience of every user is excellent.

We are therefore the linchpin for the City in the implementation and continuous improvement of a complex IT ecosystem, which includes several platforms, applications and tools, to allow the integration of the various users' paths, accompanied by their wealth of data. 

The founding initiatives of this new ecosystem, which our teams will continue to develop, include

  • The portal allowing citizens to undertake their administrative procedures remotely from their phones, tablets and computers and create their personal file to be shared with the agents involved in their various procedures
  • The interactive terminals provided for them for the same purpose at Brucity
  • The Bruce tool which supports the work of agents, both at Brucity and working remotely

We also support public education and non-profit organisations in their approach to digitalisation. We deploy digital solutions and infrastructures for learning, teaching methods and administrative management in schools and for connectivity needs and supporting the various activities of non-profit organisations.