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The NWoW experience

A human-oriented, flexible and mobile way of working, taking advantage of new technologies.  



Technological changes and developments offer many opportunities to organise how we live and work differently. We now have the world in our hands; we are more mobile, borders are disappearing and we have the possibility to choose.

Faced with this transformation, the City has adapted and implemented the New Way of Working (NWoW) which corresponds to the specific needs and expectations of its staff as well as its increasingly digitalised internal processes. It has developed dynamic, connected working environments appropriate to the different professions (Brucity). Link to the Brucity experience page.

Here again, the i-CITY teams played a role in implementing these NWoW by providing the infrastructure and equipment necessary for the flex desk, remote working, the development of telephony, new tools and collaborative spaces... Because sharing and interaction are the challenges in the development of work tools. There have been many projects and they will continue to evolve. These include, for example, the deployment of the Microsoft Teams collaborative hub, connected meeting rooms and digital booking systems.