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Computer security

Protecting computers and networks from unauthorised access, use disclosure, modification or destruction



Our organisation’s IT environment is constantly evolving, as is its exposure to risk. The City and its satellite organisations are not immune to hacking, espionage and malicious attempts, which are multiplying and becoming more complex. It is a major challenge and we have a resolute need to protect ourselves against these attacks.

Defining the cybersecurity strategy for the entire city and taking the necessary actions to implement it is our job!

Our goal is to take a proactive approach to mitigate risk, avoid significant repercussions in the event of an attack and thus preserve the capabilities of the City's services, assets, employees and capital.

In practical terms, the scope of action of cybersecurity is wide and the tasks of our experts are numerous and diverse.

We start by getting to know our organisation, constantly understanding what is valuable, what we need to protect and what threats it faces. Working closely with the business units, our teams conduct impact assessments on activities and projects. These risk analyses and their level of criticality enable us to optimise security-related expenditure to implement an in-depth defence.

We implement all required IT security measures to protect computers and networks from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction. This includes securing our corporate network and internet access, software and hardware, as well as maintaining physical security (firewalls, anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.). All this while respecting the compliance and security rules relating to data management. Security must be permanent in a constantly changing environment. We rely on a regularly updated system of feedback and adaptation.

We also raise awareness among employees, because it only takes one human failure for a hacker to get in and threaten all the resources of the City and its citizens.  It is our duty to increase the level of risk awareness and the threat detection and response skills of all employees.