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User support

User support orchestrated via a strong complementary duo: Front Office - Back Office 


support utilisateurs


Gone are the days when IT staff were simply IT service providers. Our i-CITY teams are committed to our customers' strategies, as true partners in the digital experience of the users of the solutions we offer.
An approach that resolutely responds to the needs and expectations of our time, in terms of tools, applications, processes and also human commitment! The concept of quality guides our teams from the very beginning of projects in an attempt to produce error-free results the first time, and in all their interactions with our customers. It is therefore at the heart of our daily actions.

In practical terms, we rely on a strong and complementary Front Office - Back Office combination to manage the processing of incidents and user requests consistent with first call resolution. Our Front Office staff, who are the preferred points of contact between the City and i-CITY's services, aim to find a solution to incidents from the first interaction with the user. However, when the solution requires it, our technicians take over with the users through our Back Office service.

Our customer-focused solutions are further strengthened by working hard to improve the reliability of our systems and keeping our software and platforms up to date with new developments.