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Strategic Vision

‘Putting the City in your pocket, wherever and however you connect to it.’




The City of Brussels has embarked on an ambitious transition towards a smart city for the benefit of all. This means a transformation in its IT relations and the functioning of its administration. It is this IT paradigm shift that truly places citizens at the centre of political action and offers them unique access to its range of products and services, through a fully digital operation.

i-CITY is the supplier of these new IT solutions for the City. i-CITY is supporting the City in its omnichannel strategy and is leading this transition with the aim of improving the service provided to citizens and the administration’s technological operation.


The same experience, regardless of the channel used

The aim is to provide the same user experience regardless of how the citizen approaches the administration, whether they visit the digital portal on their computer, tablet or smartphone, or whether they visit the new Brucity administrative centre.

A new relationship with citizens and at work that will also be experienced by the city's employees in this building, which is fully equipped for the NWoW and the Bruce digital portal.

To create this new user experience, i-CITY has a multitude of programmes and projects.


A partnership defined by the management contract

i-CITY's mission and the support of this vision are fixed through the management contract, defined with the City on a six-year basis.

This contract includes the responsibilities assigned to i-CITY, the objectives, obligations and commitments, and the resources made available to i-CITY to achieve the defined objectives. It specifies the guidelines for the expected transformation in terms of the services offered and in terms of governance, organisation and operation.

Watch our strategy explained by our President, Fabian Maingain